Megan Lee
 Blogger Scholar

Last night, the Trans Hospitality Suite (#1936, for those at the conference) hosted a screening of some short films by and about transgender, genderqueer, and intersex people/issues/stories from the Los Angeles Transgender Film Festival. From avant garde to hilarious (and sometimes both), the films portrayed reality and fiction with stunning clarity for the humor and beauty that weaves in and out of transgender lives.

A Korean transwoman attends a public bath with her sister. The comedic journey of Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS). A cartoon play out of the eternally irritating inquiry: “what are you (Lil Basenji?)”. A surprisingly sweet, touching, and genderific interaction in front of a restaurant bathroom. The answer to how exactly you “TransProof” your apartment. And, ultimately Queerer Than Thou, written, produced, and directed by people who are self-identified as queerer than anyone watching the film. Who is the queerest and how do we decide? Queers and peers – you’re going to want to watch this. Hilarious.

The films are brought to us in part by Reel Boi Productions and, if last night was any indication of the types of films coming out of the TG Film Fest and Reel Boi Productions, there is a whole lot of good coming down the line.

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