What an amazing community we have and Creating Change reminds us of just how amazing we are over and over again.

Can I share a short story…  Early this evening I accidentally left my cell phone at the cyber cafe!  AAAAAH!!!  You may be familiar with the gut wrenching feeling you get when you think your tether to the world is suddenly missing with all your crazy information onboard.  Well, that was the feeling I was having.

But someone from our community turned it in!!  It was gone for only 30 minutes!  How validating to know that folks you have never even met are willing to step up and get your back! To whomever returned my phone, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!  I am more proud than ever to belong to this diverse, creative, talented, hardworking, socially-conscious, honest and caring community!

Published by DanishBiker

I'm concerned about health disparaties in the LGBT community. I think a key to improving LGBT health is by empowering our community to believe they deserve to be just as healthy as mainstream society with just as many resources available to them.

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