Advocacy for LGBT Health

Dean Andersen

Guest Blogger

Finally we’re here!  Record snowfall and closed interstates couldn’t keep us away!  We finally arrived at the CREATING CHANGE Conference in Minneapolis!  How great to see so many like minded folks working to create positive change in their communities across the nation. Our first  session was a Health  Institute were we  learned about Advocating for Health.

We learned the importance of exercising your voice! Change only happens when folks advocate for the change they desire to see.  It’s important to understand that your voice is powerful, and only by exercising your voice, can change occur.  We explored the power of organizing others who share your opinion.   To create the change we you want to see; identify the problem, and your desired solution.  Then brainstorm to identify allies who feel the same way and build a coalition.  Strategize with your stakeholders on how to accomplish your desired solution.  Then utilized tactics to accomplish your desired solution.


Creating Change promises to be a positive reminder of the importance of staying involved, and working to create the change you want to see!  I fee lucky to be here with all these leaders from around the Nation, and look forward to making new friends, establishing new connections, and exploring new ways of initiating change.

Published by DanishBiker

I'm concerned about health disparaties in the LGBT community. I think a key to improving LGBT health is by empowering our community to believe they deserve to be just as healthy as mainstream society with just as many resources available to them.

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