Health Advocacy Webinar Monday: Act Now to Enhance State LGBT Suicide Prevention Plans

By Scout
Network Director

State LGBT Groups and Network for LGBT Health Equity Collaborate on State Health Advocacy Webinar

Monday Jan 31, 4-5 pm EST the Network, CenterLink, and Equality Federation will be jointly throwing a webinar about an immediate opportunity for local LGBT advocates to provide input to statewide suicide prevention programs. Please join us as we get the latest dope from guest speakers Dr. Barbara Warren from Hunter College and Dave Reynolds from The Trevor Project on how to use this opportunity to enhance local work or partner with your state. The webinar is open to all, RSVP online; registration is required to estimate number of lines needed.

Background: The Broken Record “Include LGBTs In All Your Health Funding”

The Network for LGBT Health Equity has been saying one thing over and over to several different federal agencies: do a better job at including LGBT disparities in all your funding streams. But we’re not just complaining, we’ve got some specific ideas on how to improve this. One big strategy is to require disparity plans in all that money you spread around the country. We recently prepared a joint paper on this with the other tobacco disparity networks. We presented this policy paper to CDC (the federal prevention/infectious disease arm) and shared it with SAMHSA (the federal mental health arm); this week we’re going to be presenting it to the head of disparities at NIH (the federal health research arm). We also spoke up at the recent SAMHSA public meeting about requiring LGBT disparity plans in all incoming proposals, we even gave them some other federal health requests for proposals to use as samples. Big thanks to the excellent folk at Administration for Children and Families (uh, the federal kid/family health arm) who are leading the way on this topic by requiring LGBT disparity plans in proposals last year.

News: Unprecedented LGBT Inclusion in Recently Released Call for $18M of State & Campus Suicide Prevention Proposals

Well, a week ago we were thrilled to see that SAMHSA has really stepped up and used these strategies to significantly enhance their recently released requests for $18M of suicide prevention proposals. These enhancements go across two different requests for proposals, one for states, one for campuses. While the last request did include mention of LGB disparities, now the applicants are asked to talk about specific LGBT disparity plans and collaborations in some detail, in two different proposal sections that are worth a total of 55% of the total score. No one is guaranteed money, so that’s why we’re betting any state or campus going after this cash will be very responsive to every detail, including LGBT disparity plans. An estimated 32 awards will be given to states, and 18 to campuses. The awards last for up to 3 years.

Action Alert: States Turning in Proposals on Suicide Prevention February 18th – Now’s The Time to Forge Partnerships!

So as we see it, here’s the math…

States writing suicide prevention proposals now
+ States need more LGBT inclusion than ever before
= Perfect window for local LGBT advocates to contact them and suggest smart LGBT suicide prevention strategies & partnerships!

If you want to learn how to contact the state reps crafting these proposals or find some smart strategies to suggest to them, then please join us on this webinar!

WHEN: Monday January 31, 2011, 4 pm EST

WHERE: Please RSVP online to register and we’ll send you call information the morning of the call

WHO: Anyone interested in advocating for better LGBT suicide prevention work in their state


  • Overview of this Advocacy Opportunity & Goals – Dr. Scout, Network for LGBT Health Equity
  • Finding the Right State Rep – Dr. Scout
  • LGBT Youth Suicide Prevention Strategies – Dr. Barbara Warren, Hunter College Ctr or LGBT Soc. Sci. & Public Policy & Dave Reynolds, Trevor Project
  • Partnering with your state – Dr. Barbara Warren & Dave Reynolds
  • Comments from CenterLink & Equality Federation staff
Questions? Ask them here or email

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