Arizona Requests Proposals for $400k of LGBT Health Projects

By Dr. Scout
Director, Network for LGBT Health Equity

Arizona Raises the Bar for State Funding

Kudos to the fine state of Arizona for releasing a call for proposals for $400k of LGBT wellness projects! This builds on a history of commitment the state has been growing for several years now to LGBT tobacco and health disparities. Years ago when we were invited in for a state LGBT meeting on tobacco disparities the tobacco director committed to ending the LGBT disparities in his state. We saw him follow it up with data collection and a direct funding to Prescott Pride Center. But now they’re really upped the game a notch, by offering $200k over 3 years for LGBT tobacco & chronic disease projects in the two biggest metro areas, Tuscon and Phoenix. It’s a great precedent I’d love to see other states follow.

Applications are due March 4th, and there’s a January 31st bidders conference for more information.

See the full application here:

Network Resources To Help Local Funding

This is a good example of what we at the Network try to do to help local funding flourish. We’ve already been in contact with the funder giving them advice on how to design a smart request for proposals. Likewise, we’ve been trying to find out what local groups might be staged to reply. Our goal now is to help make sure the funder gets the strongest possible applicants to their door. Below are some of the resources we offer to both states and local groups to help make local funding a reality. If you are interested in applying for this funding, please contact us directly and we’ll talk with you about support resources or webinars:

  1. State toolkit on how to fund LGBT wellness work
  2. Webinar for local groups on how to plan smart LGBT wellness projects
  3. Webinar on grantwriting
  4. Resources to help with literature reviews
  5. Sample proposals
  6. Individual grant review

In some circumstances we also do direct technical assistance with funded organizations after the awards, but for Arizona, the next step is getting some great proposals into the state!

Once again, great job Arizona!

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