Repeal of Health Care Reform Would Cost $230B

Network for LGBT Health Equity
A proud project of The Fenway Institute

Thanks to our friends at Advocates for a Healthier America we were given a heads up about the new Congressional Budget Office analysis of the projected cost of next week’s planned vote to repeal health care reform. As you might guess, it doesn’t save money to eliminate our nation’s new focus on wellness, it costs the government money. According to the Congressional Budget Office, it’ll cost a whopping $230B in next ten years. Plus it’ll result in 32M more people being uninsured by 2019.

Obviously a few big organizations are already running campaigns to funnel public opinion about this move to congress, including a sweet short page by American Public Health Association that lets people send a letter in just a few minutes. See that here. If anyone else knows of any advocacy efforts going on from LGBT folks please give us a heads up. And let’s all hope next weeks voting brings the smartest decisions possible for the health of all of us.

Congressional Budget Office Score on Repeal of the Affordable Care Act

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