Rainbow Health Initiative LGBTQ Health Assessment – We Need Your Help

Loretta Worthington, Executive Director Rainbow Health Initiative

Hello all,

I am requesting any of you that are willing to please forward this health assessment link to any and all LGBT listserves around the country. We are really hoping to get a good sampling of data from states other than MN.

I would greatly appreciate this last push, We are closing the survey on 12/31/2010.


Rainbow Health Initiative is gathering health data from LGBTQ people around the country to inform services and address service and program needs.


Loretta Worthington, MOL, MSP
Executive Director
Rainbow Health Initiative
Twin Cities Quorum Nonprofit of the Year 2009
3249 Hennepin Ave South
Suite 45

Minneapolis, MN 55408
877-499-7744 Office
877-495-7744 Fax
612-708-6208 Cell

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