SOMOS: Evaluation of an HIV Prevention Intervention for Latino Gay Men

The Latino Commission on AIDS is proud of the SOMOS home-grown intervention.  Unlike other HIV prevention interventions, SOMOS was designed specifically to arm Latino gay men with the tools to understand and combat homophobia.  Participants went through work groups focused on culture, stigma, masculinity, identity and community.  After the sessions, the participants produced a public event – an ad in a newspaper, a theater event, or a presentation at a community forum – rooted in their awareness and experience.  After ten cycles, the 113 participants reported increased social connectedness, increased knowledge about HIV and STDs, and less HIV risk behaviors. In addition, an article was produced by members of the Network for LGBT Tobacco Control and is available on their website.

by Andrew Spieldenner, Ph.D.

Deputy Director of Research & Evaluation


Latino Commission on AIDS

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