HHS Unveils New Tobacco Strategic Plan

by Scout, Network Director
Reporting from all over the place

E-Watch the Launch of the New Strategic Plan Tomorrow

I love the Obama push for more transparent and e-connected government, not only is it helping far flung states come to grips with the fact that public health staff have professional reasons to be on Facebook, but also it means there’s more effort to give electronic access to key events. To wit, wanna join Sebelius et al in the launch of the new cross-HHS tobacco strategic plan? Fine. Watch the webcast live at: www.fda.gov/Nov10TobaccoAnnouncement.

What Is This New Plan?

I’m not even sure there has been a prior HHS-wide strategic plan on tobacco, so this might be a first, but importantly it signals a new level of coordination on tobacco between a bunch of different HHS agencies. It’s not just NCI (National Cancer Institute) and OSH (Office of Smoking and Health at CDC) that are working on tobacco any more. All the other parts of HHS are getting onboard too, because tobacco is still the #1 preventable cause of illness and death. And prevention hmmm…. saves money! (or more importantly, people!)

Forthcoming HHS Tobacco Strategic Plan

Does It Include LGBT People?

Yes, yes, and yes! Matter of fact, we had the pleasure of meeting with key writers of the plan a week ago to review it and ensure the LGBT inclusion was comprehensive. Based on the version we saw then, I think you’ll be pleased with the inclusion.

Stay Tuned for More Details Tomorrow

I’m going to go down and be in DC for the plan launch on behalf of the Network for LGBT Tobacco Control. Of course I’ll be madly snapping pics and blogging about all the plan details (because while I saw it once, it’s top secret, so I was forced to eat that copy).

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