TReND Meeting Report: Health Care Reform Impacts on Disparity Populations

by Scout
Reporting from Tobacco Research Network on Disparities (TReND) Meeting, October 27, 2010

At the TReND meeting I also got to see a fascinating report on what health care reform means for disparity populations from Cara James, at the Kaiser Family Foundation. Did you know they have a whole project analyzing health care reform for disparity populations? (caveat: it is currently defined as race/ethnic minorities). See their website for more community level info on HCR in general, and see the full briefing paper Cara developed on the points below here. But let me jot down a few of the notes from her presentation as best as I can.

Kaiser Family Foundation Health Care Reform Disparities Brief

Major Changes from HCR?

  • building healthcare coverage in the current system
  • expand medicaid
  • individual and employer mandate to have health care
  • creation of health insurance exchange
  • lots of regulatory changes to the private market of insurance offerings
  • Workforce changes – expands existing health care workforce
  • Workforce changes – increased use of PAs and NPs (near-docs).
  • Workforce Changes – increased recruitment from underserved communities (because they are the only people who really go back and work in them apparently)

Big ways HCR will affect disparity work?

  • change in required data collection (tho this doesn’t include LGBT in the statutes, could include in practice though)
  • increased cultural competency requirements
  • increased loan repayment and recruitment strategies for underserved minority in health care workforce (LGBTs have sometimes been considered part of this cadre, sometimes not)
  • requirement to establish office of minority health at each HHS agency, and upward move of the NIH Office of Minority Health and Health Disparities to a new (fancier) Institute of Minority Health and Health Disparities

General HCR changes that’ll affect our environment?

  • lots more quality improvement standards
  • lots more health information technology requirements (including large push to get docs onto electronic medical records)
  • increased money for health centers

But who is left out?

  • undocumented immigrants (argh!)

One thought on “TReND Meeting Report: Health Care Reform Impacts on Disparity Populations

  1. Mahalo, Scout, for synthesizing the meeting into summary points.

    It does seem that while there have been some attempts to address LGBT health issues/needs in the health care reform planning, efforts have lacked consistency. Part of this may be that LGBT folks sometimes are (but mostly are not) regarded as a distinct minority group (with distinct issues and needs) in the public health arena and government sectors.

    Certainly, these systems must be intentional about inclusion, but our community has to push for this as well. On that note, I see tremendous value in this network’s continued use of the listserv as a forum for communicating about engagement opportunities.

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