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Be a Bragg Queen

Project Filter at the Idaho Department of Health & Welfare is expanding their Quitline services to be even more inclusive of the LGBTQ community.

They have already done great outreach efforts to the LGBTQ community, but in expanding their efforts they are launching new social media campaigns with the help of out gay comedian Matt Bragg. Project Filter and the Network for LGBT Tobacco Control will be following Matt Bragg’s quitting process to help him bragg about the process of quitting! We would like you to join Matt in bragging about quitting by bragging about your own quit story (if you once smoked and have since quit) OR by letting us know that you are planning to, or are in the process of quiting in a new campaign: “Be A Bragg Queen: Bragg About Quitting Tobacco.”

How to Get Involved:


  • Comment on this post or make a post of your own. Email us at to get easy, simplified instructions on how you can share your experience with others.


  • Email us your story, with your name or anonymously, for us to share with other people could benefit from your experiences.


  • If in your quit process you’ve used a quitline, tell us about it here in a quick, anonymous survey. We’ll use that information to provide direct feedback to state Departments of Health Health to become more inclusive.

Reason for the campaign:

In response to recent data showing that social networks affect our health lifestyles for better or for worse, we’d like to start changing social norms by using social media to support each other in adopting healthier lifestyles by going smokefree.

To connect to Project Filter‘s resources, click here.

by Emilia Dunham

Network Program Associate

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