San Fran Pride Parade

After recovering from a weeklong of activites such as the Trans March, Native GLBT – Landa Lakes Show  and the SF Pride Parade.  I had the opportunity to march in the Pride Parade along with other Native Trans girls from California and New Mexico.  It was a wonderful experience, since we were one of two Native American walking groups.  As I walked down Market street with my beaded earrings, I thought about all the Native Trans girls throughout the country and reservations.  I walked with Pride, as a Native American Trans women.  At times along the route, I got emotional as I was representing my community.  We got numerous applauds along the way and tons of pictures, too.  The Native American GLBT Group had the honor of doing the Opening Blessing at the Main Stage of the Pride festivities.  It was a great honor to open an event and see all the smiling faces.  The event was lovely, since it was a free event with no cover charge to enter the event.  I mingled for awhile, since I was invited to the VIP Pride Party in the City Hall.  It was a cool feeling to be among the VIP’s with great food, free picture taking, free booze, great dancing and networking among the crowd.  Once the event ended at 5pm, I went back to the Pride festivities.  I actully got a hold of a CD, while I was passing the Latin Stage, by a go go dancer.  The crowd was going crazy, since CD’s were flying into the crowd.  I was one of the lucky ones to get one handed to.  As the evening got closer, I could feel the ache in my feet from all the walking that I have been doing the entire day.  I ended up staying with a couple of friends on my last night, then headed back to PHX. 

This was a wonderful learning experience to be among great people, food and atmosphere.  I hope to return, again for the SF Pride.  This is one memorable experience that I will never forget.  On behalf of the Network, thanks for following my blogs.

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