Trans March in San Fran

I along with other Native American Transgender pariticpated in the Opening Ceremonies of the Trans March.  We were invited to conduct the Opening Blessing.  It was definately an honor to assist the American Indian Bay Area Two Spirit Society to be on stage.  Once the Opening Blessing was done, the show began with various  speakers, groups, performers and an invited politician.  The overcast skies helped me forget about the triple digits in Arizona.  It was a great feeling to be among the Transgender Community, friends, family and allies in the event.  I was very impressed with the organizers of the event and how the Police Dept. assisted with the event.  While I was sitting on the grass enjoying the show, several thoughts came across my mind such as:  is this possible on any Indian Reservation where the Native American Transgender community come together to organize an event such as the San Francisco Trans March and Festivities.  I hope someday, something like this would be possible to live open freely as a Native American Trans person on the reservation.  I met some key players in the Transgender community that are from the Bay Area.  One of the individuals was Joanna Keaton from UCSF – Trangender Center of Excellence.  I attended a training that was offered by their organization, when I worked under the MPowerment Program.  Another individaul was Amber Gray – a well known Trans women that work in the Bay Area.  It is great to see and hear names that I had the opportunity to work with.  I had the honor to march with the Native American Tran Talking Circle Group with a shawl, as I walked proudly to be a Native American Transgender person representing my community.  While I was walking, I almost came to tears knowing that I was actually participating in the San Francisco Tran March – walking for my Native American Trangender folks that reside on the reservation or in the city.  It was a great two  mile walk, but it was worth it – every step of the way.  There were many cameras flashing along the way, people cheering us on, cars drving by and honking.  Maybe my participating will show up in the Navajo Times – Navajo Transgender Women walking in the San Francisco Trans March for Equality!!  My feet will feel the pain, but every step I took – it was for better treatment of ALL Transgender people,

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