The Two Spirit Wellness Gathering was very empowering.  I had the opportunity to be on the Health Disparities Panel and addressed Tobacco in the Native GLBT Community.  I share some of the new FDA rules that went into effect this past week = I am shared with the group about the elimination of Sponsorships for events that include Tribal Fairs.  I also shared the difference between Commerical and Traditional Tobacco.    I was asked a question by one of the audience members about more in depth clarification about Traditional Tobacco.  There were other panels about Identity and included various speakers.  The Gathering included Native Hawaiians, Alaska Native and Native Americansd.  It was great to see different Tribal representation and which included Canadian Tribes.  This was a great opportunity to network and make new connections.  The organizers made this event very successful by bringing a variety of speakers.  There were Transgender representation, as well as speakers.  I had the opportunity to hear a story from a Native American Transman and found it enlighting.  It is very rare that I come across a Native American Transman.  To top my day, I won a pair of long beaded red earrings, which I plan to wear at the Pride Parade on Sunday.  This was the 3rd Annual Two Spirit Wellness Gathering – Four Decades of Living Red and Resilient.  I was honored to be among great Native American GLBT Two Spirit people from the Bay Area.

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