National People’s Movement Assembly

Karlos Gauna Schmieder with the Center for Media Justice reports back for the Media Action Grassroots Network's Media Justice PMA

More than 1,000 people attended the final People’s Movement Assembly, the National PMA, and reported back from the over 50 PMA’s held between Wednesday and Friday. Today, representatives from each assembly reported back the synthesized demands, commitments, and collective visions for moving forward. As each declaration was made, forum participants cheered for the visions they helped create. The demands made reflected the overall feeling towards the current status of social justice across the United States. These politically charged statements are the foundation for moving our collective visions forward using multiple strategies to ensure the greatest amount of successes.

The message that resonated most with me throughout this assembly was the overwhelming desire for folks to be in charge of the decisions that most impact and affect their ability to self-determine the quality and direction of their lives. Organizers across the country from broad and diverse backgrounds are asking for our struggles to be interwoven as a strategy to make each of our movements stronger. There were cries for divestment from the oppressive state of Israel, support for the people in Arizona resisting the racist laws that target people of color, and the urgency to reduce the havoc our precious earth must endure at the hand of capitalism.

The power to communicate belongs to all of us, equally. We must deepen our collaborative efforts to protect this right for each of us. This is the only way we will defeat the disaster that capitalism insists on leaving in its wake. Another world is beginning. Another world has begun.

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