Gay American Indians Welcome Reception

The GAI organized a Welcome Reception for the Two Spirit Wellness Gathering and San Fran Pride.  It was great to be among other Native Americans that reside in the Bay Area.  The Host Committee offered a dinner, with the famous Commodity Cheese (common among Native Americans that reside on the reservation).  Randy Burns helped organized the event and the theme was 35th Anniversary 1975-2010 “Living Legacy.”  The GAI is one of the oldest Native GLBT Two Spirit  organizations.  The agenda included advocates from the Bay Area that work in the HIV field.  Another interesting speakers were:  a judge, a poet and some fun filled entertainment such as belly dancers and a Native American Drag Show.  It was good to mingle with attendees and make new friends, plus rekindle old friendships.  I was very impressed with the program, since some of the photos were taken from the 1070’s to current.  It is great to see how the Native American GLBT community has come, since the 1070’s.  There were some great Native American singing and dancing.  Everyone was geared up for the Two Spirit Wellness Gathering and individuals traveling for San Fran Pride were also happy to represent the Native American GLBT Community.  I was very impressed with how my experience was going so far.  I stepped out with colleagues from New Mexico and Los Angeles to walk the Castro District.  I was glad I brought my walking shoes, since it will put on some major miles.  Lovely weather compared to 109 degree heat.  Excited to share about Tobacco and some of the new laws that went into effect.  Stay tuned….

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