Communications Example – Chicanos Latinos Unidos En Servicio (CLUES)

by Dr. Scout
Director, National LGBT Tobacco Control Network
One of CLUES new nutrition education promo cards.

(Faithful readers, I’ll wrap up the Communications talk later, but for now, the day is moving on, let me keep up).

CLUES is one of the four statewide wellness (tobacco, diet, exercise) networks in Minnesota. This aft each network is presenting examples of communications pieces they’ve created. First up is CLUES with some new materials they created for diet education. Love the bright sharp graphics. But Steve is still with us, so he’s helping push the thinking for each piece. He says…. what about getting a letter to the editor about this? Have someone write in and say thank you for making this piece, they have it up on their fridge and are using it to really rethink their meals. Or are you posting these new pieces on FB too? Echoing them all through the different social media forums? How can you not just have the piece, but use it to generate News about your project. Figure out if there’s contraversy about this you can sink into, like how many fast food restaurants are in the Latino part of town versus others? Anything else you can do to make it more Newsy. Good points all.

Check out more about CLUES in Minneapolis here. They’ve got a bunch of great programs going on. Now, off to lunch. Toodles all!

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