National Networks Meeting, Best & Promising Practices

What is the definition of a Promising Practice or Best Practices? If you ask 100 people this same question you might just get 100 different responses. We might see common themes but overall depending on the institution the definitions vary. With that being said how do we create a common strategy or process for National Networks to develop Best and Promising Practices?

As disparity Networks we are charged to create lasting change for our communities and how we showcase the work we are doing differs. TheNational Networks will be working together to streamline the way we create and disseminate Best and Promising Practices as Networks. We will be sure to update you as we progress and keep you posted with the strategies we create.  It looks like it will be a long journey but there is hopes to have this set within the next 6 months or so stay tuned!

More to come soon,


Program Manager

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