Puerto Rico

Good Morning from Puerto Rico

The LGBT Tobacco Control Network and the National Tobacco Control Network (NLTCN) say PRESENT! at the “Tobaco and Obesity Prevention Summit” in Dorado, Puerto Rico.

Is 9:00 am in Puerto Rico and the Summit just openned with the opening words of Antonio L. Cases Rosario, MPA, President of the organizing committee.  “The summit is the venue for developing alliances, bring down barriers to help us work in collaboration with the goal of building a better quality of life for Puerto Rico” says Mr. Rosario, who is also Director of the Puerto Rico Department of Health-Tobacco Control and Prevention Division.

With me this morning are Jeannette Noltenius National Director of the NLTCN, Juan Carlos Velazquez, Project Director of HMA  Associates, Inc., Elba Diaz Toro, DMD, from the University of Puerto Rico, Lourdes Baezconde-Garbanati, PhD, from the University of California, Juan Carlos Vega, NLTCN Advisory Committee Member, y Lissette Rodriguez NLTCN Representative, both live and work in Puerto Rico and are collborating on this event.

This is the 8th summit on tobacco control in Puerto Rico but the first one addressing obesity and tobacco at the same time. Another important issue is that the Puerto Rico Department of Health and the University of Puerto Rico have included in the Summit’s participant survey the categories for Transgender, Transexual and Other “this is the first time that our Department of Health takes this big step in cultural competency efforts towards the LGBT communty” said Juan Carlos Vega “we commend both institutions for doing the rigth thing and we look forward to assisting in reaching our community” stated Vega.

The LGBT Tobacco Control Network, the National Latino Tobacco Control Network, and the Legacy Foundation are co-sponsors of this important event.

Soon will be sharing some photos! 



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