Creating Change 2010

wrap up about CC10

My last day at CC10 was wonderful, but sad.  I made some new contacts and was sad to say “good bye” so soon.

The Closing Plenary Session was great, especially with Vogue Evolution.  They tore up the stage with great energy.  I like the Q&A with the group.  I was ready to start making some moves, myself.  The beat of the music had me going.

Once again, give it up for the 1st Nations Collective as they gave the Closing Prayer.  I always like attending an event that acknowledges an Opening and Closing Prayers, at the the beginning and ending of the event.

I attended the Conference Feedback session, to provide my personal feedback on the overall conference.  I addressed several issues such as:  presenters should address ALL populations when they use graphs and charts, there should have been some type of Reception for Native Americans and the presenters for the film “Two Spirits” should have allowed attendees to provide comments and feedback about the film.

I shared with my face book friends to consider attending Creating Change 2011 in Minneapolis.  I am looking forward to attending another Creating Change, in the near future.

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the National LGBT Tobacco Control Network for allowing me the opportunity to attend the conference.  I had a wonderful experience and will always cherish every moment at Creating Change 2010.  It was a blessing to personally meet Gustavo and Scout.  I had a fun time assisting with manning the table during the conference.

I plan to use the knowledge that I gained to help raise more awareness and advocate for the Native American Transgender communities in the Southwest Region.  #cc10 #qnet

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