Creating Change 2010

Bi & Queer organizing with Trans inclusion!

Several activists from across the country gathered in the bi hospitality suite to informally discuss more of our experiences and desires that have come up during the conference.  Matt who leads BiNet Dallas firmly believes that trans identified folks and bi indentified folks should band together and do work on inclusivity, visibility and networking. 

College students shared their desires to create bi affirming groups on their campuses.  Some parts of the country have chapters of Bi Net that are close to 20 years old.  Boulder, Colorado has nothing in the way of a bisexual organization and neither does the University of Colorado.  The University does have a trans group, which puts us ahead of the curve of some places, but I’d really like to get a bi/queer/fluid group going. 

We need to keep working on including the “B” and the “T”.  Creating Change is a great place to network and get ideas from other folks.  The hope is that next year’s Creating Change will have a bi organizing section.

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