Personal Rules for the Creating Change Conference

At dinner the other night a good friend and mentor of mine said “When you come to Creating Change you can leave either so exhausted from a weekend of packing learning and networking into every minute that you go home and veg out for a month, or you can leave energized and ready to go home and get to work with all your new ideas. Which do you want?” Of course we all agreed we’d like the first option very much, thank you! Easier said than done. For my friend he needs to set a rule for himself that if he needs to take time away and either see the city he’s visiting or sleep an afternoon away in his room, that he does it. He listens to his body. He takes care of himself. This friend of mine has been coming to this conference for years. It’s sage advice. What rules are you setting for yourself so you can leave energized and take care of yourself?

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