Call For Action: Let Our Inequalities Be Heard!

Are you sick and tired of having our health inequalities not be represented?

Well…you now have a chance to raise your voice and speak out!

Institute of Medicine is doing a report on LGBT health. This is uhhhmazing. If you’re not familiar with them… that’s like dipping some doctors and scientists in gold, and then publishing what they find out as a book. Let’s just say – this will bring unheralded national focus on the full range of LGBT health disparities. See the details about it to learn more.

So, it’s great they are doing the report,  but after publishing the list of study panel nominees, the panel appears to be quite low on internal expertise regarding LGBT of color, trans people, and bisexuals.

This is where you come in!

ACT NOW and comment ! There are ONLY 5 days left to ask for more leadership expertise on these key underserved populations! We must make sure that  no group is left behind in this landmark study.

Please copy us on all comments, and feel free to pass along!

Our communities’ voices must be heard!!!

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